First time Family Bonding at Korean Restaurant

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Here to have a relaxing time with the people are treasure, thanks to my sister @fernwehninja for the treat!

She decided to treat us in a Korean Restaurant that is cheap but healthy food for a change. We mostly go to local restaurant and we already plan to try something new for the family.



In addition, this is the first time my mother eat Korean food, so something international cuisine would be best! The space is highly convenient for groups and gatherings!


We ordered 3 Sets of samgyeopsal to share, we had 2 freebies: egg soup and shell soup plus bottomless iced tea!



There are 6 of us and we only paid almost $19. Great budget and way cheaper compared to the local restuarant we mostly dine in.

somac 5.jpg

Hence it is the first time that my mom tried korean food, she likes it. My sister @fernwehninja taught her how to eat samgyeopsal by putting the meat, stuffings and seasoning together. Mom said ," it's delicious!". Yayy!!

Great review for a first-timer especially to my mom! Happinezzzz!!

Restaurant Information

Somac Korean Restaurant
Pope John Paul II Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

First time Family Bonding at Korean Restaurant
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