Samgyeopsal at Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant Blog Review

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If you fancy Korean foodie that opens almost 24/7 then Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant fits you best.

Went here a couple of times hence I enjoy eating Korean dishes especially sampgyeopsal.

The minimum order of samgyeopsal is 2 orders can be shared in groups and the side dishes are unlimited.


The side dishes includes kimchi, lettuce, raddish , macaroni salad , some sauces to name a few. For the price of $10 it is reasonable when you gotta share this to your friends.


The interior is good enough, you can cook samgyeopsal by your own or have it cooked by the waitress based on your likings. I would suggest that you cook it by yourself just to experience the Korean feels.

I can rate this as 3.7 star in total, food is good, place seems so-so, service is good.

Restaurant Information

Chosun Galbi Lahug
Salinas Dr, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Samgyeopsal at Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant Blog Review
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I miss eating Korean food!

Kimchi is delicious.