Harold's Highlights Rooftop Deck (Blog Review)

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Everything cozy in this place that you will surely enjoy. Live band music, good drinks, affordable price and excellent service.

Harold's Highlights Rooftop Deck is an ideal spot to unwind either for a date, party or a place to kill time.


They have varieties of drinks to choose from, most are delicious. They also offer a la carte meal mostly Filipino and mediterreanean dishes.


Highly recommended place to chill out because the atmosphere is relaxing. You could spend whole evening and night here even when you go out alone hehe. In addition, you can see the city view hence it is a rooftop deck.

Restaurant Information

Harold's Highlights Rooftop Deck
C. Rosal St, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Harold's Highlights Rooftop Deck (Blog Review)
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Drinks looks nice.