Phat Pho @ Robinson Cybergate Blog Review

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One of the best healthy soup that you must try is the Bun Bo Hue of Vietnam. Spicy yet flavorful, the aroma is a thing that can give you energy.

Phat Pho serves Vietnamese cuisine along with their famous Pho Bo, Bahn Mi to name a few. Further, they have their authentic Vietnamese Coffee served .


I ordered Bun Bo Hue because I am craving for a good soup that can satisfy my appetite from sickness. For less than $8 it is worth it and can be served for 2 person.


I will give 4 star for the good service, location-wise and good food. Reasonable priced if you want to try the Vietnamese feels!

Restaurant Information

Phat Pho
Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Phat Pho @ Robinson Cybergate Blog Review
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What a beautiful dish... I wish I could see more photos!

That Bun Bo Hue look yum to eat.

I love Vietnamese cuisine! Thank you for sharing this. all the best from Berlin!

Love the place concept!