Guo Cha' - milk tea in the style of DaiLoan

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Hello everyone,

In the midst of the dazzling sunshine of summer, the body is dehydrated and becomes tired, but do not worry we have the best summer destination for you that is the shop: GUO CHA.


Extremely spacious space with a variety of lamps with different light and color will make you look more radiant when standing in the restaurant space, especially suitable for couples who are in love with. In addition, With a team of experienced chefs, dedicated staff will make you feel very satisfied.


In body cooling drinks, milk tea is one of the drinks that make the body relaxed and comfortable...


Milk tea usually has many different flavors: strawberry, black currant, cheap seeds ... to satisfy the taste of the user!


In addition to milk tea, the restaurant also serves customers with some other snacks such as sausages, ribs, dried beef, chicken torn ...


Thanks for watching ^^

Restaurant Information

Guo Cha
Thái Nguyên, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Guo Cha' - milk tea in the style of DaiLoan
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