Best place in UK - Marmadukes

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I am @hespoir

Today I would like to introduce one of the best cafes where you can enjoy your breakfast, brunch and of course desserts!!


With my 3 friends we ordered 'banana bread', 'carrot cake' and 'coffee with cake' and our coffees.


This is the photo from the different angle


We also had burgers and the chips and this avocado cheese burger was really good!


These are all the foods and drinks that we got!
I really liked the atmosphere here and the food was so nice

Thank you
This was @hespoir

Restaurant Information

22 Norfolk Row, Sheffield S1 2PA, UK

Best place in UK - Marmadukes
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For some reason that looks like a snack for me, but I can't say anything because that your choice of breakfast haha. Thanks for sharing this with us