Azuma Sushi Restaurant KK

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Japanese cuisine has been our favourite for a long time. My son also loved sushi since the first he tried them.

We were so hyped when we saw Azuma Sushi in the shopping mall. Wow, the sushi was amazing. They were flavourfully warm, making us pass out and faint. Wild imagination too!

We had the time go sit down and decide what we wanted. The price also so reasonable i could hear my purse laughing!!!


We ordered sushi and bento set. Simple?

But the flavours were incredible, it had made Japan proud. My son and I ordered the Tempura Set (RM18.60 only = USD5.00!!??) Tempura = special batter to deep fry veggies, such as eggplant, long beans, sweet potato, needle mushrooms. The texture was crispy outside and soft inside. They were to be dipped into special sauce before eating (not wasabi, take note)...and i was in love with Inari Tuna Boat...


Tuna Inari Boat was the fried and soaked tofu skin, opened up and stuffed with tuna and a bit of veggie.

We also ordered fresh, handmade sushi from the sensei, these yummies:


So, before we dine, we held our chopstick horizontally in our hands, took a formal and said to each other: "Itadakimasu!!!" in Japanese politely = (excuse us, we will enjoy our food now)



Here are some shots of the menu:



Opening Hours:
10am to 10pm

Location: CityMall Kota Kinabalu,
2nd floor near Popular Bookstore.


Lastly, thank you for reading my posts. I enjoyed myself writing too. Thank you again

Restaurant Information

AZUMA SUSHI Restaurant City Mall
Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Azuma Sushi Restaurant KK
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Wah...never been to this place before. May be i'll try it on my next visit to City mall. Nice post!

Love to eat here!

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Is this restaurant the one near Starbuck, City Mall? This place looks buzzing.