Krishna Fish Head Curry House (Sabah, Malaysia)

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Yesterday, i visited and had a wonderful meal at the Krishna Fish Head Curry House. it is located about 10km away in Penampang area of Kota Kinabalu, which is the capital city of Sabah, East of Malaysia.

this restaurant had a history of 20 years old. and had been local's young and old favourite place to dine.

There were 2 of us and we ordered two sets of food. the food that we ordered for sharing were:-

***1. Vegetarian Set Meal *** with vegetable curry.
Side dishes here were eggplants, sayur kangkung, pineapple chutney... great stuff!

Photo taken myself!

2. Chicken Curry Set


They were very generous to give mutton curry to try.
Photo taken by me.

For drinks, they gave complimentary Teh Tarik (milk tea but frothed by pouring to and fro repetitively).

DESSERT? We had a dessert too. was a pandan cake withnoandan jelly with cream cheese on top. i couldnt stop my mouth from eating two slices of that heaven.

Other reviews:-


Deliciousness 9/10

Interior design

Customer Service

Food variety
Indian food... they dont serve beef


Thank you for reading my review. i hope you will comment on my little review and i will continue to learn to improve.

Restaurant Information

Krishna Fish Head Curry House
33, Jalan Millennium, Taman Grand Millenium, 88200 Donggongon, Sabah, Malaysia

Krishna Fish Head Curry House (Sabah, Malaysia)
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