Kitchen Ain't Mine, It's Lucy's

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Sigh, my dream of opening Cafe is crushed. It's because it had already existed. I have a same vision of a restaurant as LUCY'S KITCHEN.


Chandeliers elegantly glitter above me. Wall decoration with plates. Nice dating atmosphere with quiet waiter and waitress. Just take my money, Lucy.

My friend and I ordered ourselves a drink each:

    (and also)
  3. Chef's Salad


Image Source

  1. Chendol - a type of dessert that has pandan jelly 'noodles', rich coconut milk and gula melaka (palm sugar brown). A very tropical dessert. A must try if you're in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other Asian countries.


  1. Jasmine Lemongrass Tea - because of my health condition, diabetes, I had to opt for something without sugar. Out of so many fruit tea variety, I chose this. Jasmine has the benefits for skin and beauty, whilst lemongrass boosts the immune system. Both are rich in anti-oxidants and helps to lower my diabetes.


Wow, Lucy, please don't do this to me. The salad looked so beautiful and the presentation was like going to the beach for a picnic. Treasured moments like this can never come by. The generous amount of veggies was overwhelming, I did share this with my friend, really.

The dressing was extraordinary, a real authentic Chefs Salad dressing - cider vinegar, salt and pepper, ketchup, garlic and a hint of paprika and mustard. Really, Lucy, take my last cent, too.

Drinks Menu

Healthiest choice can be made from this page:
Image Source

Addictive drinks choice can be made from this page:
Image Source

My wish list - can see but cannot order- options are from this page 😢😢😢:

Before I sign off, I will come here again for more, Lucy. I am sure I have something to complain next time. For now, you just got lucky.

Restaurant Information

Lucy's Kitchen
Unnamed Road, Taman Ridgeview, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Kitchen Ain't Mine, It's Lucy's
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I feel refresh, thanks Lucy's, LOL!!


Lol! Hey u understood hehe

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Those pictures make it look so... Good

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Just be friends with Lucy. More love, not war.

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That Chendol looks sooo good. How did it taste?
thanks for sharing this with us


Thank you for reading my post! Green was made of pandan leaves (tastes greeny, not sweet but aromatically sweet), coconut milk is rich and creamy (oily and very much like the 'heavy cream'), palm brown sugar is sweet like 'maple sugar'.

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Oh wow, so that’s how it’s made. Thank you for telling me. Have a great day ahead!

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Wow I really wanna try this Chendol dessert, I wonder how it tastes like :)
Thanks for the great review!


Thank you for reading my post, Master! Green was made of pandan leaves (tastes greeny, not sweet but aromatically sweet), coconut milk is rich and creamy (oily and very much like the 'heavy cream'), palm brown sugar is sweet like 'maple sugar'.

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It amazes me all the different kinds of drinks served in other countries. I wish I had the money to travel more and experience these things for myself. Until then I'll just have to live vicariously through all these posts.


Same here... Same here.

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