The One & Only Reason I Come to Cheng Wah

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I came to Cheng Wah for breakfast, because of the one and only reason.

Anyway, this is my review
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Beef Noodles - locals call it Ngiu Chap (牛什)which meant beef mix.

One bowl of Ngiu Chap consists of:

  • beef sliced
  • beef stewed belly
  • beef meatballs
  • beef tendons (muscular parts of a cow/bull)
  • beef omasum (stomach of a cow/bull)
  • noodles (choice of Mee, meehoon or Kuey Teow)

They were all very yummy despite the inner organs (innards), they actually tasted better than they looked.

Soup is cooked like this, in a big boiling pot that cooks everything.


Let's look upclose:
Yes, I asked permission before I took photos. However, I was looking for the one and only reason I came here for. Not found. Hmm... Anyway.

The soup was rich with beefy goodness and essence. They used the best spices and ingredients, up to my palates standard. Even my mother, who was a restaurant cook, a very picky and meticulous cook, she said this shop served good beef noodles.

The Menu on the Wall
Actually, you may choose what you want in your noodles, not necessarily with innards.

The Shop Environment

The location is very convenient, it is just situated in front of a market (vegetables and meat market). I just parked my car in front of the shop and went to the shop for the only one reason.

Today, it still has the Lunar New Year vibes... "Dong Dong chiang!"

Ah, there you are (heart melting)~
Here's the charismatic cat that just sits and judges people in the shop. It lived in the shop for many years, used to be a stray (I heard). The shop owners loved him as pet in the shop.

And the one and only reason I come here. I loved to do this:

And spend some time with this sexy belly:

One and only cat. My reason to come here. What else?

Restaurant Information

Cheng Wah Beef Noodles
Lot 8 Block A, Penampang, Taman Che Mei, 88848 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

The One & Only Reason I Come to Cheng Wah
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Sexy belly, I found the reason. Nice, LOL



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Long long time never go to this coffee shop. Will make time to go there for it’s Ngiu Chap

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The best one currently. But I do like the one in Inanam near Alliance Bank - YII XIANG also.

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That is one healthy cat. Lol.

Never heard of this restaurant before. Would love to pay a visit and try their beef noodles one day.


Very popular in Lido. Previously they opened a branch in IMAGO food court, in front of MBO CINEMA? Then closed. For now, the one in LIDO is the best one.

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Yes, the cat was soooo cute...

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Looks tasty Val...but nowadays I tried to avoid beefy kinda food... Anyway, great review as always!


Understood. I'm avoiding carbs now.

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