Vhapa Pitha- Delicious Street Food

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Hello Food Lovers,

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Winter is almost here. At the same time, trying to make winter foods has begun. In fact, winter is actually a kind of joy to be noticed among the people of our country. Because most of the traditional dishes of our country are made in winter.


Traditional foods depend on different seasons, not just in our country but in almost all countries of the world. There are some exceptions though, which can be enjoyed all year round. However, some foods have their own specialty, as a result of which all of these foods are prepared in specific seasons.



Vhapa Pitha is one of the most traditional foods made in our country during winter season. And the main ingredient for the batter is jaggery and coconut. However, it is not an ordinary jaggery, because it is made from palm juice. Because of which its taste is completely exceptional.



However, other ingredients made in this shop's Vhapa Pitha are: nuts, raisins, cherry fruits, dates, powdered milk and rice powder. This Vhapa Pitha is made only during the winter season and the shop is closed at the end of winter.



The shop is located inside the National Stadium complex of Bangladesh. There are several other shops like this, where the crowds can be noticed every evening. The prices of these Vhapa Pithas are not too high, they are sold at almost the same price everywhere.

Ramiz Pitha Ghar
50/A, Bhanghabandhu National Stadium
Bangabandhu Avenue, Dhaka-1000

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Restaurant Information

Ramiz Pitha Ghar
Bangabandhu Ave, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Vhapa Pitha- Delicious Street Food
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Vi site to akhonoo asa ni.. Vapa pitha khiya falcen

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ha vai, ami start kore disi :P


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Super Yummy!

Omg! I never tasted vapa with so many fruits. Yuumy...

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its osam apu.


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Thank you so much!

Good review and guide brother. Excellent Street food
I have Shared this guide.

Good review and guide
Brother. Excellent Street food
I have Shared this guide.

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welcome brother.

Yummy and resteemed :-)

Thanks a lot for your kind support :)

Welcome :-)

All the fruit reminds me of our fruitcake, which is also only popular near Christmas.

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Food looks good to eat!