Grill and Naan- My weekly choice

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Hello Lovely Peoples,

On weekends I try to enjoy some time with family members differently. Because I believe that spending some time with family members increases the love and sincerity of each other to some extent.




A few days ago, with all the family members on holiday for a different reason, I went to the old Dhaka popular restaurant star hotel. And spend some time in earnest. Along with the old Dhaka Star Hotel's most popular grill and naan bread.



Hotel Star Private is one of the popular restaurants in Old Dhaka. It has many branches, almost all of which are always crowded. Because its food quality is good enough. So people order food for different kinds of occasions.



In fact there is a tradition still prevalent among the people of old Dhaka, they bring all the family members here for various reasons, and order different tastes, then enjoy it with all the family.



Hotel Star's most popular dishes I like the most are Kebab and Faluda. True Faluda's taste is quite different. Demand is huge, especially in summer.


However, we all ordered the same kind of food. Everyone order grill and naan bread. Then spend some time and come back. Sometimes it feels good to enjoy some time together like this.


Hotel Star Pvt. Limited
101 BCC Road, Thatari Bazar, Dhaka-1203

Thanks all for visit my review.


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Restaurant Information

Hotel Star Pvt. Limited
B C C Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grill and Naan- My weekly choice
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Yummy and delicious

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Heavy moja vai :P

That looks real tasty..

Yaa! its really very test-full item.


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Wow! Thanks a lot brother for the nice support.

Excellent family practice. Sharing a good meal cheers hearts and unites your family with strong ties.

Thank you for sharing, I wish you a great week full of success.

Thanks brother, Have a wonderful Day!

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Always great to spend quality family time... the food looks good too! :)

Yes, when I get the opportunity trying to doing this. :D

Good place

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Greetings @hafizullah.
Good to share with your family ..
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