My Takeaway Noodles

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Hello Food Lovers,

We travel to different places, for different reasons. Then we try to test small or large shop foods in the neighborhood. Because locals and small shops food sometimes give the taste differently.



I always try to taste the dishes at the local shops, although they are a bit cheaper in price but the taste is unique. Yesterday I went to the Volleyball Stadium for official work. It is actually famous for its music instrument market.



There is a small fast food shop in the corner of the stadium, I was watching, lots of people in the neighborhood crowd the shop and taste the food of the shop. Honestly, seeing other people also creates some interest in my mind.



I finish my work, go to that small fast food shop and order a plate of noodles. There was no arrangement to sit there though. But everyone stood up to taste the food. I also stood up to taste the noodles. But yes, the noodles were a nice taste.


Mollah Food Fair
15 Volleyball Stadium Market

Thanks all for visit my review page.

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Restaurant Information

Mollah Food Fair
Dhaka, Bangladesh

My Takeaway Noodles
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The noodles must tasted very good that you finished our quickly. But where did you put your noodle dish when you took photo?

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Cool review!
I also clean my plates for every street food!
If you have time, please come check my latest review 😀