My Breakfast with Parota and Dal

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Hello Friends,

Breakfast which starts with our busy daytime activities. That means, before starting all day, we wake up in the morning and take our breakfast. Therefore, during the daytime, the effects of breakfasts can be noticed during busy hours. So we want to be perfect.


However, due to the differences in our food tastes, we also notice differences in our breakfast items. In fact, some people's favorite items are different. However, in the case of breakfast we should take into account the nutritional aspects.


Just as we notice differences in our breakfast, there is also a difference in our food restaurant. But I usually get food from the same restaurant all the time. But if I have to travel outside the city for any reason, I get to taste different restaurants.



In my breakfast most of the time I lay eggs, parota and pulses, because these are my first choice. I also like to occasionally eat chicken soup and vegetables.


So before taking breakfast in the morning, we should take these nutrients into consideration, because the priority of our daily energy intake is breakfast.


Khawja Hotel & Restaurant
74, Nur Ahmed Road, Kazir Dewri,
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Overrall the restaurant is quite good and the service is well in my view, ratting should be 4/5.

Thanks all for visit my review.

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Restaurant Information

Khawja Hotel & Restaurant
Kazir Dewri Cir, Chittagong, Bangladesh

My Breakfast with Parota and Dal
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Beat thing to eat

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My kind of breakfast!

roti and dall wow