Yolk of a kind

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My friend and I passed by this artsy place so giving into its comfy ambiance we dined.
For five American dollars we had a breakfast all with egg in it. Makes sense as the restaurant is named after that yellowish , rich in cholesterol yolk



The place is cozy with pictures hanging on Abaca strings and magnificent books for free reading. I love the unique lighting fixture that adorn the place. As well as the splash of. colors.Its also worthy to note that this nook utilize all array of materials like miniature guitars into decorative art pieces tastefully


We did enjoy the ambiance even if the food was not really to my liking. The staff were kind and responsive they even take photos of us.



Their see through kitchen is fantastic idea as it makes customers like me feel safe that the foods are prepared hygienically .Even their cashier corner gives you a sense of transparency

I super love their aesthethic use of water pipes and wall accent. Look how they turned and ordinary place feel romantic with appropriate lighting

Overall the place is a refreshing site. I can't help taking several pictures of our happy times here.




Restaurant Information

Yolk restaurant
Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Yolk of a kind
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The rooms look as cozy as the bowls look delicious.
It could not have a better name.
(The German description "das Gelbe vom Ei" - "the yellow/yolk of the egg" ;) - means something is very good but it's often used in a negative connotation too: something which is "not the yellow/yolk of the egg" has a clear disadvantage.)


@isarmoewe thanks for sharing. I can only imagine

That place looks great, but it doesn't look like you ordered takeaway since you were eating it inside the restaurant. Do they serve meals to go?


Yes they served that too here @abitcoinskeptic

It looks really yummy....
Thank you so much, I'm hungry now 😢
Have a wonderful day

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@zanoni many places here to check out at less than 3usd


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