Ramen under three dollars to satisfy your cravings

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I am a ramen addict. Not because I had spent 8years of my life as an ESL teacher to Japanese and Koreans alike nor because of a superstitious belief it lengthens one's life span. I find comfort seeping it's tasty beefy or porky or seaweed delightful broth while I bit into those homemade noodles. I super love the idea it i comes with other healthy ingredients like mushrooms, seaweed, ginger garlic and vegetables.

So when my friends and I get to hang out yesterday naturally I ordered the spicy ramen to drive all those stress away.


Some would say the taste is not authenthic to the country where it originates from but honestly what do you expect from a less than three dollar ramen? Just the same ,watching the staff prepare it under your nostrils is an experience in itself.

So I enjoin you when you do get to travel to the beautiful island of Cebu do take that evening walk in it's thriving night food market in Sugbu Mercado and you would be surprised what a three dollar can do to your grumbling stomach.


Restaurant Information

Tokyo Street One
Sudlon, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Ramen under three dollars to satisfy your cravings
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I love ramen!! It is so delicious. You can never go wrong with a spicy ramen 🍜😍😍

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@vcclothing you're on point with that

Tasty ramen and nice photos!

Oh, those ramens sure look delicious. I literally imagine myself slurping the soup. Haha.


@viverridae thanks for reading my post. If you're around here do try it


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Good post! My stomach is grumbling... Seriously, had been teaching since noon... Now reheat food.

Thanks for sharing this, it looks really tasty 😋👍🏼

Oh looks so hood. I also had ramen for lunch but the price was 4x. Being so delicipus I guess if it was 3$ I would consume too much for my own good.