Eat phat pho like a pro anytime

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I just love discovering new taste so whenever I got the cash and the time I do take myself for a gastronomic experience .

So allow me to share to you a my Vietnamese noodle experieance .I. had visited their other branch in Crossroads mall and like it much so it's no surprise for me if my feet and rumbling belly brings me to its chic establishment.

Striking to me is how the place is so elegant despite its simplicity. The wooden beams and light fixtures gives you that comfy feel.Also it gives you an impression that youre entering a territory where excellence is a rule than an exception

For less than 300pesos or five to six American dollars you get to enjoy this bowl of noodles they call as phat pho. Just the smell and and the visual presentation makes it value for money without excluding the fact that it's healthy .Look even that cute kiddo agrees.

So you might be wondering what those condiments are in the main picture here is the selection. For my serving I seasoned it with sweet housin sauce
So apart from the yummy delight I also feast my eyes on the ambiance that spells simplicity at it's best.

This phat pho branch located at the ground floor of Ayala is relatively larger than the ones I have previously been to .I have yet to see the other location at Robinson cybetgate.

In terms of serving I was a bit disappointed as its smaller compared to other of its kind. But in totality everything about this place even the kitchen and the restroom is a work of art.




Restaurant Information

Phat pho
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Eat phat pho like a pro anytime
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Hi nice review. Are you able to update your post with the restaurant address as under location, it has "Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines' which doesn't help our readers if they want to go. Please update this within 24 hours to avoid having your upvote withdrawn and your review removed from the contest. Thanks


@travelgirl thanks for taking time to read my post. Pls assist me. How to edit it in tasteem. I don't know.

Wonderful. Review and the pics of restaurant was out of this world! I'm so glad I stopped by and i enjoyed your post!! 🎆🎇🎏


@harmonyval thanks for taking time to read my post. You inspire me to be a better blogger


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