Shrimp business is sizzling hot in Sugbu Mercado

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Hooray! Finally I am able to share my love for foods in this platform. For my very first post on this platform allow me to share some of my foodie experience at a comfy night market in my city that's attracting gastronomic enthusiast from all walks of life. Since seafood is my favorite naturally I super love this hot sauteed tiger prawn for just a little under three American dollars can you believe that ?!

Tiger prawns are being cultured nowadays to satisfy a growing demand worldwide. With this it's pushing the price higher than the previous years. So imagine the surprise when I learned that this crustacean is delectably affordable in this food strip.

With its high influx of food enthusiastS particularly on the weekend one would be enticed to be a good vendor here. So what does it take to succed in this highly competitive market?
One location then affordability and lastly price. Sugbu Mercado is conveniently located at the heart of a a business process outsourcing site. So it means many potential costumers 24/7 either hungry or stressed out or in jovial mode which are good enough reason to pig out. Secondly, because it's a one stop food path you need to be very conscious about your price and your customer service .This I suppose is a big challenge as you need to make a distinct impression to each customer or else you'd lose that penny. Lastly, considering people are in a rush to get back to business or to grab limited seats you need to be super speedy in preparing it. This is indeed a huge challenge compared to restaurant with a handful of help and a large fully equipped kitchen.

Overall, shrimp here are cheaper if not equally mouth watering than elsewhere. It's fun to be sitting with strangers listening to an amateur singer play a tune of original Filipino music under the moonlight on any evening. So I guess the open area feel and the freedom to choose from an array of sinfully delicious food treat makes all the effort of braving traffic all worth while. Too and though, you'd have to hold. On to those hunger pangs longer than necessary to be seated. Maybe it would be a wider idea to come with picnic mats instead so you can sprawl on the grass while you look into the stars as you praise the divinity of a good life.

Restaurant Information

Sugbu Mercado
Sudlon, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Shrimp business is sizzling hot in sugbu mercado
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Looking forward for more info on that hot sauteed tiger prawn..

Wow those shrimps are huge. Gotta try me some of that takeaway.