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My better half is pure blooded Ilokano, a native from the north of the country. They have food and way of cooking that has a peculiar taste. And when he misses their food, we know where to go--Bagnet and Beyond!


Bagnet is a boiled, air-dried, and then deep-fried crispy pork belly dish originated from Ilocos but is now considered as a top favorite among Filipinos.

In our region, Bagnet and Beyond is the only place I know that serves bagnet. They have different bagnet dishes such as sizzling bagnet, chicken bagnet, binagoongang bagnet (bagnet with fermented fish sauce).

Bagnet and Beyond serves other Ilocano dishes as well, like poqui-poqui (egg and eggplant dish), igado (pork and liver stew), empanada (fried turnover filled with ground meat and vegetables).


This time we tried a set for four persons. The set includes sizzling bagnet, binagoongang bagnet, poqui poqui, four cups of rice, four soups, and four iced tea for only P685 (13.30 USD). We thought it wasn't enough so we ordered two extra rice and two empanada. But we couldn't finish the latter so we took it out with us. Their set is sufficient for everyone.


And the taste? Sizzling bagnet was perfectly done. It was delicious and crispy and savory, that I forgot my diet.


The poqui poqui may not be the most appetizing to look at but I tell you, it is delectable. The aroma and flavor of roasted eggplant comes beautifully with scrambled eggs and spring onions!


The empanada was also fried to perfection. It was crispy outside but flavorful and juicy inside. It is dipped in Iloko vinegar, which is made from sugar cane. What a great combination

The food was great, really great. It satisfied our cravings, especially my husband's!





The place is small but artistically designed. Mouth-watering posters of bagnet and other food they offer are hanged on the wall, inviting each and every customer to devour it! Who would still want to look into other shops once you enter here?!? Hahaha! What a great strategy!


I also love this small corner with miniature sala set.

So, if you ever visit Tacloban, this is one of the places that you should try.

Bagnet and Beyond
Address: Level 1, Robinsons Place Tacloban
Tabuan National Hwy, Fatima Village, Tacloban
6500 Hilagang Leyte, Philippines

Restaurant Information

Bagnet and Beyond
Tabuan National Hwy, Marasbaras, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

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Hi gingbabida,

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I think this is the full address of the restaurant

Bagnet and Beyond
Address: Level 1, Robinsons Place Tacloban, Tabuan National Hwy, Fatima Village, Tacloban, 6500 Hilagang Leyte, Philippines


Thank you.
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