The fish restaurant "Wustrower Fischerschmaus" – A Tasteem Review

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Two weeks ago I travelled to the Baltic Sea and visited the famous fish restaurant "Wustrower Fischerschmaus" in the village Wustrow in the "Fischland-Darß-Zingst".


I also visited this restaurant some years ago, but in the past it was only a food truck.

Because of the big success they expanded to a little restaurant in front of the big sea bridge with the name "Seebrücke Wustrow".

Here is a nice photo from the end of this big sea bridge, taken by myself with my HTC U11 smartphone:


The fish restaurant "Wustrower Fischerschmaus" is a big recommendation if you want to eat good fish for pleasing prices and with good portions. I haven´t seen any fish restaurant with such good prices in Wustrow and closer environment. I visited another famous fish restaurant too, but the prices were twice as expensive, the portion much smaller and even without salad.

So I can really compare this restaurant very well to others and especially if you are hungry, I can only suggest you to try out the "Wustrower Fischerschmaus", when you are visiting Wustrow at the Baltic Sea.

After ordering your dish, you will get a eletronic lobster out of plastic and this lobster vibrates when your dish is ready to pick up.


You can already enjoy a drink in the time you are waiting for your dish, such as this original Störtebeker Beer:


I have chosen this really delicious salmon dish with deep-fried potatoe wedges:



I also visited this restaurant another time on my last day at the Baltic Sea and tried out this nice pike-perch dish here:


I also asked if I can take a photo of the front area at the counter and this was no problem for them:


I even asked if I can take a picture of two of the friendly employees and they kindly said yes:


You can expect a large selection of fish dishes at the "Wustrower Fischerschmaus" fish restaurant, whether from the pan, from the saucepan or the deep fryer. In the summer season the queue in front of the bistro is usually a bit longer.

All in all this restaurant is a nice place for people who don´t want to pay very high prices for the expensive fish restaurants at the baltic sea and who wants good portions. Of course the quality is even higher in the more expensive fish restaurants at the Baltic Sea, but the servings are just too small and the fish at the "Wustrower Fischerschmaus" is really delicious too.

Restaurant Information

Wustrower Fischerschmaus
Strandstraße 60, 18347 Wustrow, Germany

The fish restaurant "Wustrower Fischerschmaus" – A Tasteem Review
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