A great meal at Putien

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We visited Putien that is located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre in Singapore.

It was very crowded since it is one of the popular Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

It has a high standard of customer service so all the staff are polite and they tried their best to serve us even though they were extremely busy during peak hours.

I ordered a ten-course meal and the following were just a few of the dishes that we had.

Stir-fried Yam

This is one of my mum’s favourite dishes. The yam cubes had been fried to golden brown with a sweet layer of sauce on them.


‘Pot of Goodies’ – Sea Treasures

This dish was filled with lots of different types of seafood with rich and tasty sauce. It was definitely a great dish for a family meal to share.


Pork Ribs

The pork ribs were soft and easy to chew. It tasted great especially with its great sauce.


White mushroom and broccoli

The vegetables were tasted great with a rich layer of sauce. This is definitely a great dish for vegetable lovers.


Steamed fish (Soon Hock)

My dad loves fish and this fish definitely had delighted his taste. The great mixture of sauce to enhance the taste of the fish.


Overall, it was a great meal and my family enjoyed it.

Restaurant Information

1 Jurong West Central 2, #02-34, Singapore 648886

A great meal at Putien
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Looks good. Seafood is my favorite.


Very tasty actually!

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That fish meal looks so delicious!


Thank you!

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