Gumiho Grill & Shabu

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Gumiho Grill & Shabu - Gumiho Grill & Shabu
If you are looking for a cheap and delicious barbecue buffet, here it is


Pretty or decorated Korean style. Air conditioning to cool and cool! But the day I went to sit in the room in the corner of the table, so the heat even though I worked at full capacity to see the wind blew out: ((

SERVICE: 10/10


Super nice staff! Agile, nimble. And yet meat has asked customers what they want to use. Self-consciously grilled meat for customers to replace things without prompting 💯👏🏼 Calling more ice or panchan is very fast without any unpleasant attitude.



Quite a few dishes compared to the buffet are of the same price, but the dish is that dish.
Three only non-marinated (sliced) beef before grilling dipped in a bowl of sauce that tastes exceptionally delicious and delicious


The only grilled pork (thick thick version) is cut to dip a cup of hot sauce and cook on the stove and then bake it to perfect lunnn ^^ the pieces have even more cartilage. This type of baked finished dot salt sauce sesame oil is also delicious huhuuu.
The two types I like the most are the beef ribs and the beef heart. Super soft and juicy ribs 🤤 This type is not marinated, just sprinkle with a little salt and grilled, any sauce can be enjoyed with great tweezers. The cow's heart is clean, marinated and delicious! If you look at it, you can see that the stimulation doesn't need to be done because it is too perfect.


There are also grilled pork sausages with spicy sauce (like in Kim's secretary) which is too spicy for me: ((so I don't like it (I eat a spicy huhuuu: <)
There are quite a few panchan types I like:> Kimchi is slightly spicy compared to me but still delicious: 3 There is sweet potato mashed with cream sauce to enjoy:> The salad is very delicious. man (i'm saint eating sour :)))
Side dish also has rice bowl of stone and kimchi soup. I don't like normal rice! The kimchi soup is delicious but slightly spicy. The delicious young beans that kim chi in here also taste delicious every spicy: ((
There are many kinds of dipping sauces here
Korean baked goods are often not marinated or have little sauce, so most of them will probably not like you, but I feel that eating is good:> Marinated food is a bit fast :))


Cheap super cheap :)) normal style of going to a restaurant like this, what kind of drink is there ~ 40k but here is only 15k-19k and no VAT :)) Sochu but I don't drink :))

Restaurant Information

Gumiho Grill & Shabu
133 Bùi Thị Xuân, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Gumiho Grill & Shabu
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Food looks good..

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