L32 Handmade Noodles: Ban Mian!

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One of the comforting food that I always go for when I feel down is a dish called Ban Mian! It's a noodle dish that can be served in two versions: dry or soup. I don't have a specific preference between the two but I do notice that I usually go for soup during rainy season why dry version during a warm weather. Nevertheless, both soup or dry still work for me ;)

For those who haven't try any Ban Mian dish, it's a flat noodles (usually handmade) that is cooked with a sweet broth together with minced pork, some vegetables, egg, and Ikan bilis (dried anchovies). That is when it us served with soup.


For the dry version, they will simply remove the soup and replace it with soy sauce with some sesame oil with it. I usually prefer it with a small amount of chilli paste to actually a hint of spice to it. The creamy yolk from the egg will actually enhance the soy sauce and the texture of the whole dish.

Last week, we went to this place called L32 located at PLACE. It's a place with an interesting vibe to it.

I was too busy munching on my Ban Moan and so I forgot to take photos of the place. Anyway, since this place is quite famous I manage to find a photo of the place.


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So for my verdict on the dish, since Ban Mian is considered a common dish in Singapore, there several hawkers centre or restaurants that are actually competing for customers. It's actually a good thing, this so we can tell which one is good and which is the one you can take a pass. For this version of Ban Moan, even though it was my first, I actually like it and I would say that stands out among the many.

I like the texture of the noodles, it was cooked perfectly, it is still firm when it reach my table and ready to be eaten. I also had a generous amount of minced pork meat. One thing that I liked about it is that even though it's minced, the meat is still tender and it wasn't overcooked. This is very important for me whenever I eat Ban Mian, because an over cooked minced pork isn't easy to eat even if in small pieces.

With all those good qualities mentioned, one thing that really stands out for me is the soup itself. I like that it's sweet and savoury as well. It only means one thing, they started it with a good broth!

So that's it for now, my entry for @tasteem's cheap and fabolous contest. It's a real value for money and it's also healthy dish, it couldn't get any better than that ;)

Restaurant Information

L32 Kopitiam
558 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389509

L32 Handmade Noodles: Ban Mian!
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