Minced Pork noodles at EAT

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Nothing could be more obvious than the name of this restaurant - EAT.

So last night, I went out to satisfy my craving for Chinese food. It's the kind of dinner that doesn't require me to break my "piggy bank", basically an affordable good food.


If you stay long enough here in Singapore, you mightgive me the advise to go to the Hawkers food centre and I will take your advise majority of the time. However, I also wanted to feel the comfort of an airconditioned environment and so I went to the nearest mall - NEX shopping mall.


At the 2nd storey of the mall is where I found my craving, the EAT restaurant. The place isn't really spacious, however is big enough to accomodate about 20 to 25 people. It's the type of restaurant where you just come, eat, have a quick chat and go.


Since my goal is simply to satisfy my craving in the most affordable way - I went in and order for the Minced Pork noodle dish.


It's a complete meal with noodles, minced pork, sliced pork meat, braised mushroom, fried dumpling, and some delicious relish. I particularly request for the version with "chilli sauce" as it elevates the flavour of the dish. I must say that the spice level do actually "packs a punch". It isn't really spicy by local standards but for a person that doesn't really eat spicy food - I consider it to be at a range that I call extreme.


Let's talk a bout the price, by local standards it is considered to be quite "expensive" considering the fact that I can find the same food at half the price in hawkers center. However, considering that it's inside the shopping mall - I think the S$5.20 price is considered affordable. And it also come with a drink!


I would rate the food to be a "good" dish, with the right amount of toppings and a decent quality noodles. I also liked that the noodles are perfectly cooked which is still firm and "springy".

Will I come back and eat? Of course, I would eat here everyday.

Restaurant Information

23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083

Minced Pork noodles at EAT
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So you pay a little more for the food, but in return, you get a nice air-conditioned atmosphere. That sounds like a reasonable trade-off. It seems like a good place to stop in for a quick bite.

That Minced Pork noodle sure look inviting.