The Cookhouse's Steamed Dumpling

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There are more than one ways to prepare a dumpling and there are also many ways to cook it. I maybe the type of person who prefer simplicity over the complexity.


Last night, I went to Marina Square to try some of the steamed Dumplings from The Koufo Cookhouse! It may seem that the dumplings are plain and simple, but I must say that the dumplings is full good flavor.

It is also complemented by a simple vinegar-ginger sauce. The sauce itself provides a substantial amount of acidity to the heaviness of the dumpling's filling. The majority of the filling is ground pork and there is enough fat in it which makes the dumplings really flavorful. I would say that the vinegar-ginger sauce really sustain my appetite for the dumpling.


When it comes to the place, I really like the ambience and the formality of the furniture arrangement. There is enough space to move around. And we also picked the best table, we are viewing an amazing cityscape while dining. Let me show you some photos of the place.


The city lights are amazing to look at especially during this late night.


My overall experience to the food and place will definitely make me revisit this place soon. I like the ambience of the place and delicious food that they offer. Be back soon!


Restaurant Information

The Cookhouse by Kourfo
1201 Marina Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577, USA

The Cookhouse's Steamed Dumpling
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Love to eat dumplings and that's a cute cats miniature.

I love dumplings too, but I rather have the fried type because of its cryspiness.

great view .. thumb up plus the food looking good

That dumpling must taste!