Encik Tan's - Wanton Noodle

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Last night, I went to one of the flourishing humble restaurant here in Singapore - “Encik Tan”. It's my go-to-place when it comes to local delights, noodle dishes, and Chinese style curry rice.


On this night, I went for one of the local delight dish, it's the Wanton Noodle. A dish that has the most variety of toppings and side dishes.

It's basically a noodle dish that is served with Char Siew pork, Wanton soup, & Deep fried Wanton. When it comes to the sauce, there are two main options: tomato base sauce & the chilli base sauce. On this night, I went for the tomato base sauce.


The noodles itself is perfectly cooked, I guess it's the last element of this dish that a Cook will fail. Almost everyone here know how to prepare and cook a noodle perfectly.

When it comes to the toppings, the Char Siew is the tender type and slightly sweet. I've had a Char Siew before that is a savoury type, which is also good. But I personally think the sweet type is best suited for a wanton noodle dish.

The wanton soup is substantial enough and has a generous amount of wanton in it. I think that the wanton is over done as it easily breaks apart, I prefer the one that has chewy skin rather than this one which isn't firm enough.

The deep fried wanton is slightly chewy and it lacks the “crunch” that I've been looking for a fried wanton. The filing is substantial enough especially, that the price is affordable compared to other restaurant.



Overall, I would say that the food is passable and the price is affordable as well. The environment is also comfortable enough for me to eat conveniently. The food is something that I can eat everyday considering the affordability.

Restaurant Information

Encik Tan
1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523

Encik Tan's - Wanton Noodle
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lovely food friend
I love you singapore
thank you for sharing

Thanks for the feedback @art-s😊

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What a nice place to dine and I love the char siew to be sweet too 😋😋

Indeed a nice place, thanks @verasj😊

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I am not much of a noodle guy, but I do like the Juventus shirt of the guy buying food :)

Lol, good observation @budapestguide😎

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