Foodie Tasteem#63 - Wah Kee Snack store

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Hello Steemians, Hello Hong Kong!!

I was passed by this snack store 3 times a day and I found there is aways a queue so make me curious.



They look normal but there is a lady who keep working on the stick rice ball. So I decided to give it a try.


I waited for 30 mins and I bet they're good. People keep buying for 2 boxes and more, they're even limited the quatities for 3 boxes per head, LOL


The wrap is slim and rich in contents, full of peanuts and sugars made. The selling point is they're made-by-order.

I also tried this yellow sugar rice cake with red beans. Again, the contents are rich, as you can see a lot of red beans

It looks great but I don't know why there is a hold in the middle, because they have their way to make it?? ~(I view it again and it looks like a bit weird, LOL)~~

This little "loose cake" is a traditional too!! I never heard of it but tried something similar of it. It's hard on sensation but soft and many layers inside, the contents is a little bit sweet but it looks salty, interesting stuffs!


Restaurant Information

Wah Kee Snack store
20-24 Yuen Long On Ning Rd, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Foodie Tasteem#63 - Wah Kee Snack store
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Omg this post is a real authentic HK snacks post. Really glad I found it.


Welcome to visit HK :D


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Yes :)

OMG OMG OMG - traditional desserts are my favourite!!! The last one looks like "white sugar cake"?


Totally different, it's more like "cloud slice cake" :D

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That looks soooo goood! I hope I can find something similar here in the PHilippines