Seafood Indulgence at Diotay's Eatery

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Aside from the friendly people, our province in Negros Occidental, Philippines is also known for great food. Not just any food but great food at affordable prices.

One of the most common dining restaurants in Bacolod City is the "dampa-like" restaurants where you get to choose from a wide array of fresh meat and seafood and ask the resatuarant to cook it at your choice. Stew, sizzling, grilled. Name it and they can cook it.

lagsang, a type of shellfish

freshly sliced fish

fresh shrimps and squids, skewered chicken parts and sliced pork

fresh fish heads

The inside of the restaurant is divided into two sections: the major part is the kinda-open section of the restaurant with only the fresh air and the electric fan for ventilation (we opted for this section only).


For those however who wanted a less noisy and airconditioned place to dine in, Diotay's also offers an enclosed section (for an extra charge) that would also be perfect for gatherings or small events.


On our most recent trip to this restaurant (which was a first!), we ordered half a kilo of squids we requested to be made the sizzling way.

sizzling squid

Aside from the squid, we also ordered a slice of fresh fish and asked Diotay's to make it into a tinolang isda or fish stew.

tinolang isda

The food was superb! Nothing fancy on the food preparation and serving but the food had it all when it came to taste.

The wonderful part of this dining experience is that we only paid at a really cheap cost. The sizzling squid only cost around Php 250 (around 5 USD) while the fish stew cost around Php 200 (around 4 USD). With the addition of 3 sodas and 3 cups of rice, our total bill only amounted to around Php 555 (around 11 USD).

If there is one restaurant I would recommend to anyone who would visit Bacolod City, it's this place.

Restaurant Information

Diotay's Eatery
Gatuslao St, Barangay 6, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental, Philippines

Seafood Indulgence at Diotay's Eatery
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