The Best Dark Choco Frappe found in Abaca

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Catching up with awesome friends here hence it's been a long time we met. I heard great reviews about their restaurant, so it strikes me fancy to unwind here.


Casual restaurant to dine in while enjoying a chat with your friends. Not only they serve beverages but also a la carta dishes.


Price is quite expensive but high quality in their menu. I ordered dark choco frappe for $3 and it taste like heaven. Rich and you'll truly enjoy every sip! A drink to die for hahah!

I would highly recommend this cafe and restaurant for fancy date. Excellent service and would definitely come back again.

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Restaurant Information

Abaca Baking Company Ayala
The Terraces Ayala Center, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

The Best Dark Choco Frappe found in Abaca
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this frappè looks really yummi

great tasteem review.

I would love to have this drink. I like anything chocolate and it looks fantastic.

Dark choco frappe looks yummy!

This is absolutely stunning! I wish I could eat some 😍

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That loooooks soooo goood. THanks for sharing this review with us