Halo-Halo Filipino's Favourite Dessert

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I was thinking to eat halo-halo, Filipinos traditional sweet. It cost me $1.8 with whole lots of toppings in it. Halo-Halo contains mixed fruits with beans, jelly, leche flan and a scoop of ube icecream.

I was surprised how large the bowl is as it excedded my expectations.


Looking for some dessert to eat, I went to the foodcourt at the mall in Metro Colon, Cebu to buy an affordable one.


In the foodcourt that I eat, I bumped into an area where they served desserts, sandwiches and pizza.


Pretty reasonable price for a dessert that is worth every penny you have. Service is fast and the staff is friendly.

Located in the heart of Super Metro Shopping Mall, Colon St. Cebu City

Restaurant Information

Sandwich Club, Scoop and Cones
Colon Corner Junquera Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Halo-Halo Filipino's Favourite Dessert
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Hi Can you please include the address of the place you have written about. The location you have is only "Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines" which is not sufficient. Can you please amend the location area or if you can't change it, please add the address to the bottom of your review

If you don't change this, your upvote maybe withdrawn and post removed from the contest. Thanks


Hello @travelgirl , I just updated my review and location, kindly check 🙂


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Looks fantastic for that money! Love Philippines, hoping to go this winter! :)