Tokyo Street 123

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Been here with fellow steemians recently with @gratefulayn and @bellatravelph for a mini-get together . We discussed crypto-related stuffs, dApps and ways to earn online.

I chose to eat ramen because I just feel like , it's my second time in Tokyo Street and gave it a shot to have other ramen dish. Unfortunately, it doesn't tastes that good and kinda disappointed.


The look on the photo seems delicious! I ordered their Original Tokyo for $2 only, which I am not completely satisfied at all.


Tokyo Street 123 also have other dishes like bento box and more. Perhaps I should try that someday. Wouldn't recommend their ramen this time.


Location wise in the heart of Sugbo Mercado, the famous night food market.

Restaurant Information

Tokyo Street 123
Skyrise 1, Inez Villa St, Apas, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Tokyo Street 123
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I thought you're sharing the foods in Japan, LOL. It got the atmosphere, lovely!


And i wish i am in japan hahha @foodiecouple 😂

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Quite nice! Thanks for sharing!


Indeed i like the busy ambiance cool people hehe

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