Smoke It -Grill It- Sauce It at SmokeGrill House

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Budget meal food in a comfy ambiance located inside the Sugbo Mercado. Truly this area is convenient for food bloggers like me due to tons of great selection of dishes.

Crowded destination and highly recommended food get away for tourist and locals. When you fancy trying international cuisine that you want to explore be sure not to miss Sugbo Mercado.


It caught my attention when I head to Smokehouse Grill. People are lining up in their turn, some are for dine in and others had to takeaway their food.


The price ranges from $0.79-$5 depending on the size of food. All meals are with rice and vege salad.


The food tasted mouth-watering, however, it takes so long to serve, they need manpower.

Restaurant Information

SmokeGrill House
Garden Bloc, Inez Villa St, Apas, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Smoke It -Grill It- Sauce It at SmokeGrill House
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Smooking hot delicious food!