pastries "typical aceh" no store name

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hi the #ulog or #ulogger it all, i'm coming again with our indigenous wedding cake offerings in aceh.


this is a cake when there are weddings or weddings especially in aceh, customs are always in high esteem by the aceh community itself.


This cake is not in a place, just special in aceh new there, but not all aceh there is a cake like this on sale except dodol, but unfortunately the name of this cake-making shop is gone, so I can not mention the name of his shop.


well this is all I made to take photos from my own facebook because no photos on my own laptop. if you do not believe it can be viewed directly on my facebook


Restaurant Information

no store name
Keude Geudong, Samudera, North Aceh Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

pastries "typical aceh" no store name
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