#2-FoodVlog-Fullstop Burger Center

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Hello Friends.This Is famid and today I am going To talk about my experience in Fullstop Burger Center.Yesterday,I went to Here and i bought couple of stuffs from there



Its a small store but the behaviour of Sellsman was very good and The price of the food is very cheap.This Store is situated at Hatkhola Road,Tikatuly,Dhaka.Its near of my house..Its much closer than motijheel and if you want to visit here,You have to take car or rickshaw.The Food was very amazing



I bought couple of burgers and it costs 3$(each food 1$) and i add extra cheese.It was very tasty and i went there with my friends and its very cheap and economic



I bought a juice and My friend took a set menu and it costs 2$.So If you want to visit Dhaka,I would like to recommend you to visit here and Its not to far from airport. Thats my story..

Restaurant Information

Fullstop Burger Store
Hatkhola Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

#2-FoodVlog-Fullstop Burger Center
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