The Prince Coffee Shop

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My dear friends of tasteem, steem and coffee lovers. If you love coffee I bet this could be one of the best coffees ever that you can taste in your life. This is a place that is located in the heart of my city. It is in the city of Prizren which was opened a long time ago and operatos for tens of years.

This place is almost always full because people love to sit here enjoy their coffee and especially their view.

Because it is located close to the bridge and has a fatanstic view, where you can see the whole city center and the castle which is in the top if the city.

Moreover they have a very friendly staff where each person has their own uniforms and when you order something they use a technology which is connected with the phones and a wifi, this is how they are never confussed with the orders.

I suggest this place very much and recommend you to taste its coffee.
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Restaurant Information

Prince Coffee Shop
Shatërvan, Prizren

The Prince Coffee Shop
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