Street Food: Fushka with Sauce

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Street Food is very famous in Bangladesh. People here love to take food during gossip, walking break, watching sports, leisure time etc. For this, Fushka and Chatpatti are very common.


In the winter evening, its very common. You will find the taste of hot and spicy fushka instantly.


Couple of days back, i took fushka from street shop with my friend during walking. You can see, there are a lot of ingredients have been mixed. For lots of ingredients its tasty and crispy as well.



Egg slice and sauce makes it real tasty. Its basically spicy, sour and tastsy all together. You need to spend only half a US dollar to have this delicious meal. As a evening or morning snacks specially evening snacks its best, i think. For those who loves spicy and sour.


Youth, Child and specially females are very much fond of this street food

My overall ratting of this food and shop is 4/5

Restaurant Information

Masud Chatpati and Fushka
Dr Akhtar Hameed Khan Rd, Comilla, Bangladesh

Street Food: Fushka with Sauce
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