Weekly Choice : Lunch with Colleagues

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Hi Dear Nice People. Yesterday i have visited a restaurent with another seven colleague for having our lunch. It was an party offered by one of my colleagues. This must be my weekly choice. We have enjoyed a lot.


The restaurent is famous to our locality. So we choose this one for this enjoyment. Its two storied building restaurant. We seat in the 1st floor rather ground floor.



We were eight in numbers. Mutto khichuri was chosen by 3 of us and beef by rest 5. The overall environment of the restaurant was pleasent. We gossiped as it took some time to prepare the meal.



Finallly mutton and beef khichuri has been received. I must say about the hygiene and taste of this food. I have not tasted such a delicious khichuri in restaurant so far. Restaurant khichuri is differnt from home. Home made is best. But this one is almost close to the taste of home. We enjoyed and satisfied with this meal.


Price is reasonable. 2.5 USD for beef and about 3 USD for Mutton. In comparison with price, the quality is the best.

My overall rating 4.5/5

Restaurant Information

Khasbon Restaurant
Dhaka - Chittagong Hwy, Baraiyarhat 4326, Bangladesh

Weekly Choice : Lunch with Colleagues
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The khichuri looks YUM!

Ya. It was delicious.