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In terms of bakery and pastry, Italians always do it better.


My first trip to Bologna was a business trip. (Exchange station to Rimini for a conference) I have liked the city so much that I have visited again for touristic purposes.

Pappare is located Bologna, Italy. I normally don't go the same place more than once on my trips but Pappare was an exception.


Apple Crumble


Gluten free cookies


Crossaints! I want more of them!

It's a vegan friendly place. Also a good option for super-fooders. Breakfast options were good, omelettes are perfect. Also try fresh juices (made in front of you) if you go there for breakfast.

I did a couple of remote work here and worked there a couple of hours while consuming some caffein. Atmosphere is good and relaxing if you need a place to work outside.

Restaurant Information

Via Dè Giudei, 2, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

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"In terms of bakery and pastry, Italians always do it better." HRM I BEG TO DIFFER.

Also these croissants with fucking ham in it are heresy and all shops selling it should be burned to the ground.

Looks like lovely place. I'm jealous of your travel. All my food posts are from San Francisco. Beautiful city but still ...


Yeah, I have been traveling hard in the last couple of years. :) But it will decrease since I have been trouble finding time lately.

Wow so good food. I like it your post

Looks very tasty 😍

That food and drink looks delicious.


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