How to keep your wine cool in warm weather

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Nowadays, readers may feel that I am open-minded after reading the following things, and even think that I am a fool. But my profession is always doing these boring things, so I also ask you a little bit.

Imagine: You are on vacation in a peaceful place, the grapes are not leaving, and the waves are slap on the nearby beach, and the palm trees above the head dance with the wind. Perhaps this is like a cliché of pastoral poetry, but it actually has fundamental flaws.
The problem is that this glass of wine is best served in just a few minutes. Too high temperatures will soon turn a refreshing wine into a cup of warm water – and this is not the case for all types of wine.

The so-called "warm wine syndrome" only appeared in the tropics before this. But nowadays, our summer is getting hotter and hotter. In the farther and farther from the equator, Yikou wine has become a hard-to-drink Wentang soup.

Room temperature is essential for enjoying fine wines, and there is no doubt about it. When the temperature is too low, the scent of the wine will not be able to emanate, and the taste of the wine will be difficult to drink. Low temperature seems to highlight the thickness of tannins and the acidity of the wine; if the room temperature is too high, rose wine, white wine and even red wine will lose clarity and interest, and will give off sourness. The most terrible thing is: especially on a hot day, wine does not seem to be refreshing, and the first priority of all wines is fresh.

I don't agree to use a wine thermometer like an anxiety disorder, but for most white wines, the most suitable drinking temperature is between 6-10 °C. For sparkling wines (to keep the carbon dioxide in the wine from escaping) and some sweet wines, especially light wines, the optimum wine temperature should be 6-7 °C. Rich white wines such as serious white Burgundy, special Chardonnays, white Rhônes and several other Viogniers The temperature of the wine should be slightly higher (about 10-14 ° C, that is, between 50-57 ° F), at this time the rich wine is intoxicating. 10-14°C is also the ideal drinking temperature for light red wines such as Beaujolais, simple Pinot Noirs, and a variety of enhanced wines such as Porter and Sherry. The above temperature range is sometimes referred to as "cellar cool" because it embodies the ideal kiln temperature for any color wine.

To ensure that you enjoy the wine with the ideal wine temperature, I think there are only two ways. First, keep the bottled wine at a temperature that is suitable for drinking or a little lower – in an ice bucket or in a portable vacuum freezer, and then only one drink at a time. The second is to drink quickly. Law - This approach is usually unappreciated.

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