Fruit salad ice

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Yesterday I and my friends went to a food stall to drink fruit salad ice. The shop is named "Rujak Nibong Raya". The shop looks very clean and is built from bamboo. The location of this stall is on the edge of the highway so it is easy to reach.


we also immediately ordered a delicious fruit salad ice. This drink is so fresh and can eliminate our thirst.


The price of one glass of ice rujak fruit is 8 thousand rupiah. Not too expensive for all levels of society.


Fruit ice salad contains a lot of vitamin C. This is good for your health. This ice rujak consists of various fresh fruit made in the form of drinks. It tastes sweet and sour. Very nice to enjoy during the day when the air is hot .


Restaurant Information

Rujak Nibong Raya
Lhoksukon, North Aceh Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

Fruit salad ice
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it is nice drink and also flavor full

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