Eating at D'Lizia in Ica Peru

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I am currently with my wife's family in a place known as D'Lizia in Ica Peru. I may had to add that I was expecting to come to this restaurant a day before. I have to tell you that in order for me to maximize the time and eating power I did not eat anything since the day before at 3 pm. That means that I fasted pretty much for a whole day before getting to this restaurant.

Wellllllll, I got to say that it was well worthit. To start, my whole family wanted to go to this restaurant since the "2019 Copa America" was going to be on. This year is the 46th edition of the men's association football championship which is orginized by South America's ruling body aka CONMEBOL. and obviously my wife's family wanted to watch the game. So, as the food was getting to the table, you could imagine the whole restaurant on their feet, cause they cannot stay on their chairs, yelling Gooooooooooallllllllll.

Since I am not into that game I decided to order some serious food and start eating. I have to tell you that I pig out. Yes you heard that right. I ordered a chicken salad which is called D'lizia's Salad. This is a combination of your regular greens with tomatoes and lettuces, South American Corn ( not the sweet corn we know in America or Europe), fresh goat cheese, avocado ( this is an different variety known to Peru only, it cannot be exported cause it gets spoiled right away) and obviously the organic free range chicken which was grilled and or roasted with special garlic oil in a brick oven. I don't have to tell you that it was delicious. Now.

If you noticed on the picture, these people on this side of the country they have a "special sauce". I had to order two of them. One of them is called "aji criollo" Which is a special type of "jalapeno peper" really hot which is only used here in Peru. And the other sauce is called "vinagreta", which is made out of cucumber, oregano, a little vinegar among other ingredients. Wow, I had to tell you that this salad was tasting really good.


I had to give half of it to my wife since she order just a sandwich: 20190623_135432.jpg

I guess she was more into the game than eating her own food. I need to add, I did not mind that. So, I had to eat something else since I had plenty of time. So I ordered a Burger, Dlizia style:


I think the burger was to thick, but who is complaining. :D I got to eat that behemoth with those sauces that I was telling you about. And to top it all, I order a couple of diserts. One is called: Cake de Naranja:


The other is called: Crema Volteada. Which sadly I did not take a picture so I cannot post that. :( But it tasted good. It was pretty much like flan, but this one did not have eggs. Any how, if you made it this far my daughter and I would like to say thanks for reading my post. :D.


Restaurant Information

Calle Lima 155, Lima, Ica 11001, Peru

Eating at D'Lizia in Ica Peru
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