Pudding Recipe Lumut Pandan Hijau, Enak Hemat, No Amis Egg!

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This time it's time to try to make the pandan of green pandan moss again trending and popular in Medsos. From Instagram, Line, as well as cooking groups on Facebook wara wiri appear on my timeline of this moss pudding. I was so curious and try browsing recipe mud pudding is good but practical for him.

Finally found also the recipe pudding green pandanus lichen that fits on my tongue. It tastes good, the sweetness fits and certainly does not taste the egg odor. Really good taste of this moss pudding. In addition it looks also beautiful with moss color that really like the original moss pudding. For the green color I use pandan bun juice, such as how to make pudding moss pandanus in general.

Approximately we will need a pandan leaves about 10-12 sheets for the results of a beautiful green color and taste that fits. As for the smell of fishy I add the feeling of lemon water to be fresher. In this simple way the pudding of coconut milk moss no longer smells fishy. Usually it is to eliminate the smell of fishy wait for cold pudding and set it first new eggs missing eggs.

Now by using a little feeling of lemon water, banish the smell of fishy fish was so easy and practical. In order to be a beautiful green color, in addition to using natural green dye from pandanus leaf water in the juice. Mother can add pasta pandan sufficiently, the end result so green and beautiful ngejreng. But without pasta pandan I think is pretty pretty anyway, ijo lumutnya bener-bener ngeprul in all parts of jelly agar.


If you want to sell pudding moss as a business / home-based business, the mother can peddle it in a small cup or glass pudding. Mother can sell pudding around Rp 1000, - up to Rp 2.000.-. What else is coming Ramadhan soon, so it is suitable to fill the time when running fast. It's sweet tasty fitting for menu takjil break fasting, so it is a promising business idea.

Good luck and self-made with Green Pandan Pudding Pudding Recipe, Delicious Hemat, No Amis Egg! That ngehitz this at home. Also open the latest pudding process from us such as Recipe Pudding Silk Fruit Super Gentle Super Soft is no less delicious and popular with jelly art pudding, puyo pudding, oreo pudding and pudding moss. Thank you for opening resephariini.com, may be useful.

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Pudding Recipe Lumut Pandan Hijau, Enak Hemat, No Amis Egg!
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