Best Matjes Sylter Art directly from the Gosch Sylt sales counter

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Yesterday morning I went shopping for the weekend. As expected there wasn't much going on in the shopping centre Citti Park and also at Gosch Sylt, who is a restaurant there and also responsible for the whole fish sale, everything was still quiet. That was a good moment to take many photos.



Gosch Sylt was founded on the island of Sylt, where the head office is located. In the meantime many branches have been added, but on a level that it is still very exclusive. Even on cruise ships of TUI Cruises one is represented meanwhile with restaurants.



The concept in the Citti Park offers fresh fish that can be bought at the bar and also a restaurant with good cuisine to taste the freshly prepared fish on the spot.







Since the restaurant wasn't open yet, I ordered two Matjes Sylter Art from the fish counter to eat at home. The Matjes is a herring that matures in a traditional process in a brine before reaching sexual maturity. It tastes therefore somewhat salty and not sourish like e.g. the Bismarck herring.




The production of a Matjes fish bread is very simple. A little butter, salad leaf, matjes and onion rings and the matjes bread a la Sylt is ready. Simply delicious!


My next visit to Gosch Sylt I will do at a later time, then there are pictures of the food from the restaurant.

Restaurant Information

Gosch Sylt
Langberger Weg 4, 24941 Flensburg, Germany

Best Matjes Sylter Art directly from the Gosch Sylt sales counter
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