Me Café in Germany's Scandinavian Park

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Scandinavian Park is located 5 km from the border with neighbouring Denmark at the Handewitt motorway exit. This is a popular stopover for many travellers in both directions. There you will find various shops, petrol station, restaurant, hotel and a 2,500 sqm shopping market with specialities from Scandinavia and Germany. There you will find everything that is much more expensive in Denmark, especially wine, spirits, sweets, cigarettes, electronics, cosmetics and household articles.


Since Scandinavian Park is also open on Sundays it happens that I have to buy some things there. After or before a shopping spree, it's a good idea to take a break at Me Café.


Here you will find a selection of coffee, bakery and snack specialities.






I always like to drink a cappuccino which is available here for € 3.70.


The cafe is comfortably furnished with chairs and comfortable armchairs. You can stay there for a while to read a newspaper or use your smartphone or tablet as there is free W-LAN.



Especially on sunny days it is fun to sit on the terrace and watch the bustling activity of the Danes. Boxes of beer and schnapps are loaded into the car. Some even come with trailers to transport their cheaply bought goods to Denmark.



Restaurant Information

Me Café
Scandinavian-Park B199, 24983 Handewitt, Germany

Me Café in Germany's Scandinavian Park
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