Harvest your own vegetables in a Bavarian nursery

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For all Veggie friends I found something very special here. It is a plant nursery that offers plants and shrubs for garden, balcony and bed. The plants are available all year round, especially in spring when the season starts and all greenhouses are filled with plants and seedlings waiting to be planted in the beds.



Now we come to the special feature, because from summer onwards, when the hobby gardeners have done their work, part of the greenhouses will be used for vegetable growing. Of course, everything is organic and hand-grown.



The harvesting of the plants is done by yourself and you can choose it yourself. Just take a pair of scissors and a few bags and the harvest can begin.


I hope you can find the different kinds of vegetables on the pictures. Sometimes you have to take a close look so that you can discover the juicy green cucumbers and peppers. The small cucumbers taste especially good and have a lot of taste.





There are some ladders standing around to reach the upper fruits, because the best and most beautiful fruits are always at the top.



For lovers of salads there are also different herbs and sprouts.





Since Halloween will soon be celebrated and October will be dedicated to pumpkins, they must of course not be missing and are available in sufficient varieties.



I hope you enjoyed the pictures. It's really fantastic when you can cut and harvest your vegetables yourself. You can't get your vegetables fresher anywhere else.


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Gärtnerei Schlereth
Herrschinger Str. 18, 82396 Pähl, Germany

Harvest your own vegetables in a Bavarian nursery
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