I love crispy grilled chicken from the Daily Grill Flensburg

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Can you just walk past these delicious grilled chickens. I can't do it!


Alone the smell of the spices with roast aromas that blow around your nose. I like to buy the grill chickens at Daily Grill because you can get two half chickens a bit cheaper and the quality is good.


Daily Grill also offers grilled pork knuckle, hamburgers with different kinds of meat and of course French fries.




Inside there is a restaurant with a salad bar and a self-service counter. Here you get different kinds of dishes with side dishes, especially the schnitzel in different variations are very popular.



I have already decided to buy two half chickens for € 7.50, which is about $ 8.30. In addition some salad and a piece of bread. A cheap and tasty lunch for 2 people, I think.



Restaurant Information

Daily Grill Flensburg
Schleswiger Str. 128, 24941 Flensburg, Germany

I love crispy grilled chicken from the Daily Grill Flensburg
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bei diesem post weint mein herz--sehe millionen ausgebeutete massenstallhühner lebend in der hölle und dann landen sie auf solch einem grill....ein bild des grauens,für mich....

Look so yummy!..i can almost smell the aroma here!