Desserts from Vaggokul Sweets

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Hello foodies,

Hope you all are well.
Today I will be sharing some dessert items with you all which I bought from Vaggokul sweets. This is a renowned brand all over the country. They produce quality dessert items with reasonable price.

My all family members like sweets items. So, I have to buy sweets very frequently. The other day I decided to buy sweets from Vaggokul sweets. I bought three items. Roshogolla is favourite to me. I bought it for me.


My wife like Lal Mohon. So, this is for her. Here is the picture.


I bought Sanar Sandesh for my daughter. This is her most favourite item. Here is the picture.


Here are some other pictures of sweet items.



Other than sweets, they produce cakes and bakery items. Here are some cake pictures.



I bought both Roshogolla and Lal Mohon with 300 Taka(local currency) per KG. Sanar Sandesh price was 400 Taka KG. All the sweets were very tasty.
The sweet shop is situated at Shenpara area. Here is the picture of sweet shop.


You all are invited to come and enjoy sweets from here.

Here all the pictures were captured using my iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone. Thanks for stopping by.

Restaurant Information

Vaggokul Sweets and bakery
363, Senpara, Amtola Bazar, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Desserts from Vaggokul Sweets
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I'm curious what does that sanar taste like. It's my first time seeing this. Thanks for sharing this with us

You are most welcome.

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