Chicken Biryani from Hawlader Biryani

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Hello foodies,

Hope you all are well.
Today I will let you know about a restaurant from where I enjoyed chicken Biryani. This is my today’s takeaway post in Tasteem.

The name of the restaurant is Hawlade Biryani House. Hawlader Biryani House is a popular name in Mirpur-10 area. They are very famous for providing good quality foods. They are expert in cooking different types of Biriani. Among those chicken Biryani is the most popular. Here are some pictures of chicken Biryani from their large dish.



The other day my daughter requested to have dinner with chicken Biryani. This is her favourite food. So, I decided to bring some Biryani packets from Hawlader Biryani House. Here are those pictures.




If you want to buy Biryani from there, you have to stand in a queue sometimes. Some of the online food supplies stands always in the restaurant to deliver foods. Here is the picture of Uber eats.


Along with the Biryani they provide Chatni which increases the taste of the food.




After opening the food we found very nice smell of it. The taste was also good. Here are some pictures.



They provide services for various kinds of foods. Here is the menu.



The restaurant is situated in Mirpur-10 area. Here are some pictures of restaurant.




You all are invited to come and enjoy food from here. All the pictures were captured using my iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone. Thanks for stopping by.

Restaurant Information

Hawlader Biryani House
Club Road, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Chicken Biryani from Hawlader Biryani
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That looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing this with us!

You are most welcome

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