My favourite dessert from Paradise sweets

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Hello foodies,

Hope you all are well and enjoying the weekend desserts. Yes, my today’s post is about desserts from Paradise Sweets.

All my family members like sweets. Specially, after dinner. Yesterday, my wife asked me to bring some sweets. So, I decided to bring it from paradise sweets. Here in this post I will be providing some pictures of sweets from the shop. Below is the picture of Laddu.


This is a renowned shop in Mirpur-10 area. The sweet shop is renowned for making quality and tasty sweets. The have many variety. Here are some pictures of Roshogolla.



They also have the Sandesh items. Here is the picture.


They also sell Chomchom and Kalojam. Here you are.




The most tasty item of this shop is Golap Jam. Here is the picture.


I tasted one Golap Jam in the sweet shop and bought some for my family. I also bought some Sandesh.



The dessert shop is situated near Al Helal hospital of Shenpara area. This is beside the main road. The price of sweets from this shop varies from 250-450 Taka.


You all are invited to visit this dessert shop and enjoy some sweets.

Here some pictures were captured with my iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone. Remaining were captured using my Huawei phone. Thanks for stopping by.

Restaurant Information

Paradise Sweets
152 Begum Rokeya Ave, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

My favourite dessert from Paradise sweets
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Good post


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Omg 🤤🤤🤤🤤

From all the pics, I only have tried Gulab Jamun and Rashgula 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Yes, those are tasty sweets.

Everything in that place just l;ooks so delicious!

Thanks for stopping by.

Some excellent desserts

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