Not only good seafood!

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First of all, let me warn you many seafood restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, has seafood, but they have even more land grown meat than the seafood they actually had! First we need to get down to the geographical location of Kuala Lumpur, as the city situated right a the middle of the peninsular. There's not much of a fishing village around this area, and seafood majority are transported from other states. You get lucky if you find a restaurant has an aquarium range that is raring live stock, otherwise most seafood restaurants are keeping some frozen in their storage. And it's definitely not going to be cheap if you're trying to have seafood in Kuala Lumpur. If you want real seafood meal, can go to Klang, but still don't expect to find really cheap seafood compare to Sabah and Sarawak, in East Malaysia. Enough of tourism introduction, let's get on with what we had post Christmas dinner with the family.

Let's get on with the restaurant introduction. Originally this restaurant was known as Huaw Meng for many years, ran by a family. They decided to sell the business to another family, but due to tax issue, the decided to change the branding as well. So, it was changed to Huaw Meng Li. Yeah right, so original right? Like if it doesn't work with Faye Wong, it goes with Wong Fei Hung. If it doesn't work with Jet Li, then go with Jet Li Hung. But it doesn't last very long, despite we love the food there, it got closed down again. Rumor has it, the owner really can't take such low volume business anymore, and having hard time to survive. Came the new lady boss from the other side of our small township here in Damansara, Ah Cai taken over the place! I had written a restaurant review for them several months ago here. Why would I do it again? That's because, they changed back to Huaw Meng Li again... blehh... I have no idea how they sort out the tax thing, but now the Ah Cai restaurant had arrange their young sons over to run this place! I'm going to let the pictures do the talking!

Fear not, they're still a Seafood restaurant. But they had to change name to operate , I believe due to the fact that the local tax system is kinda impressive. Sometimes these small business operator will literally have to keep like 3 names at anyone time to maintain it's profitability.

We ordered a medium pan of sizzling tofu bean curd with minced meat. Little do we expect such a huge portion, and it even spill out of the hot pan. The vapor coming off the plate is attacking our sensation and my saliva glen losing control keep on squirting saliva. If you're on diet, becareful because this will drive you eat lots of rice!

And then we have this hot plate seafood mixed. I don't know about you, but I enjoyed it a lot since it has a good mixture of prawn, calamari, fish meat. The way they prepare this in the hot pan makes the food feels more like grilling, and the mixed vegetable has been absorbing the sweetness from the seafood, taste marvelously delicious!

It's been awhile since we haven't order this dish, it's a traditional spare ribs with sweet sauce. The meat on the ribs are easily to tear out, and the seasoning they used on it, it's not too sweet. Meat is tender and easy to bite. They must have marinate these meat for sometime to cure it, so it become soft and taste better from the juicy flesh when we bite it.

You're probably wondering, why do we have to order sweet sour? I have no idea obviously. That's how we live. I'm not answering on behalf of all Chinese, but my whole family likes it. The sweet and sour sauce really good for kids, and ofcourse big kids like me.

We're supposed to order lotus omelet, but ended up with prawn omelet since my nephew doesn't like any greens in the egg. So, I guess prawn will do since we're in Seafood Restaurant.

Last but not least, LazyMom decided to order a plate of spinach, which surprisingly this time everybody whack it and finished it. One of the biggest reason is, they sliced the spinach leaf and fried them. It taste really similar to seaweed. Despite we knew they are, but somehow the taste is so good to an extend it cheat our taste bud.

Just like English tea, has many grade and different "temperature" to the beverage in terms of taste. We like to drink black tea when consuming oily food. So there you have it. Once again, I don't know should I call this shop Huaw Meng Li. But for the sake of avoiding confusion, I think I'd follow the signboard so people can find their way here. If you can't find it, feel free to search for Bao Jian Sdn Bhd Chinese herb shop. They're located strategically next door to each others.

Restaurant Information

Restoran Huaw Meng Li
4, Jalan Angsana SD 2/2b, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

Not only good seafood!
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